Quotes to read

Hi there, today I’m going to share some quotes about reading or books with you. These are my favourites that I’ve read so far! While you are reading this, I am on a summer camp with my youth movement. I scheduled this post for you, but unfortunately there will be no post next week. When … Continue reading Quotes to read

Pastel party nails

For me, there are two types of summer nails: bright coloured ones, or lighter colours, named pastels. In this post, I will tell you about the pastel nails I tried out the past weeks. This one is a basic that I do practically every summer, but with other colours. I like having five different colours … Continue reading Pastel party nails

June favourites

New week, new post!  Unfortunately I am not able to post about what I read this month, because I was very busy with my exams. I will post about what I read in July though! I got new pj’s, ate a lot of ice cream as study break and of course painted some more classy … Continue reading June favourites