June favourites

New week, new post!  Unfortunately I am not able to post about what I read this month, because I was very busy with my exams. I will post about what I read in July though! I got new pj’s, ate a lot of ice cream as study break and of course painted some more classy … Continue reading June favourites

New sunglasses

I have very sensitive eyes, so I wear sunglasses all the time when there’s only the slightest bit of sunshine. I came across a Dutch website, that sells beautiful sunglasses for the festivals that are absolutely not expensive. The site is called festivalzonnebril.nl, which means festival sunglasses. (I don’t actually go to festivals but 🙂 ) … Continue reading New sunglasses

We bomberjacket

A couple of weeks ago, I bought this structured bomberjacket in WE. Now that the weather is finally sunny, I’m really happy to wear it. Here are some pictures. The jacket has a light yellow base colour, and is topped with a brighter pattern with flowers. The pattern reminds me of the blazers my grandmother … Continue reading We bomberjacket

Love for Keds

As all my family and friends know, I am a big fan of Taylor Swift. A couple of years ago, she started advertising for shoe brand Keds. That is how I first came to its site, and I immediately fell in love. I’ve bought my first Keds two years ago, which were simple ones, light … Continue reading Love for Keds