New sunglasses

I have very sensitive eyes, so I wear sunglasses all the time when there’s only the slightest bit of sunshine. I came across a Dutch website, that sells beautiful sunglasses for the festivals that are absolutely not expensive. The site is called, which means festival sunglasses. (I don’t actually go to festivals but 🙂 ) … Continue reading New sunglasses

Do not lable people

Once there was a land, where everyone could choose their culture, religion, sexuality… And you know what? Everyone accepted each other. If you had another culture or religion, other people were interested and everyone learned from each other. Whether you had a man or a woman as your loved partner, nobody cared. Oh yes, they … Continue reading Do not lable people

Classy nails

As I already told you, I prefer colourful nail arts or nails in bright colours. I have quite some formal occasions coming up, where it’s better to wear neutral and classy nails that are not too eye-catching. I have already had my piano exams, and my oral exams and graduation are coming up. I am … Continue reading Classy nails

What I read: may

This month was quite a busy month for me: I had to prepare for the upcoming exams, study for big tests and happily also had a lot of nice activities. This makes I haven’t been able to read a lot. I read Fortuna’s daughter by Isabel Allende and I’m still reading I am Malala. Because … Continue reading What I read: may

Favourite earrings

When it comes to earrings, I’m never not wearing them. I have a big collection, and in this post I’m going to show you the ones I wear most often. I bought these earrings last year in a little shop in Gubbio, a Toscanian village. They’re handmade little booklets! As you may know, I’m obsessed … Continue reading Favourite earrings

We bomberjacket

A couple of weeks ago, I bought this structured bomberjacket in WE. Now that the weather is finally sunny, I’m really happy to wear it. Here are some pictures. The jacket has a light yellow base colour, and is topped with a brighter pattern with flowers. The pattern reminds me of the blazers my grandmother … Continue reading We bomberjacket